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1981, cast bronze, 80 mm (c) (edition 200, sold out

A medal made to commemorate that Eise Eisinga built his planetarium (now the oldest one, still working, in the world) 200 years ago.
In spring 1774 a remarkable incident took place: on the 8th of May the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the moon were together in the Aries sign of the zodiac. A month earlier the end of the world was announced in a small book by a Frisian clergyman because of these planets being together.

Eise Eisinga decided to build an instrument in his house with which he was able to show the people how celestial bodies use to move. It took 7 years.

coll.: Koninklijk Penningkabinet Leiden, Fries Penningkabinet Franeker