Sculptures, in bronze:

1.The Committee1975      72x195x88 cmbronzeColl. Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde
Municipality Eindhoven
2.Easy Chair1974      11x23x44 cmbronzeColl. ING, Amsterdam
3.Fedde Schurer1974      230x50x40 cmbronzeMunicipality Heerenveen
4.They are hand and glove1987      201x99x58 cmbronzeMunicipality Utrecht
5.Couple on bench1974      31x38x16 cmbronze
6.The Proposal1987      93x88x40 cmbronzeColl. ING, Amsterdam
7.Looking up1985      90x43x36 cmbronzeProvince of Friesland
8.Ma Donna1983      110x49x45 cmbronzeColl. NUON, Leeuwarden
9.Dawning1995      40x31x15 cmbronzeColl. Museum Kempenland, Eindhoven
10.Carina1993      10x34x16 cmbronze
11.Topmodel II1989      10x33x17 cmbronze
12.Jaguar1990      59x140x56 cmbronze
13.Stèle1990      86x46x20 cmserpentinoColl. Drents Museum, Assen
14.Giulietta1995      46x58x32 cmbronze
15.Dreamgate (The Guard)1995      71x38x4 cmslate
16.Gate of the Past1997      76x46x10 cmmarble
17.Dreamgate 'Aurora'1998      405x175x60 cmmarble/granitMunicipality Wolvega
18.Ann's Gate1998      34x23x4 cmslate (n.f.s.)
19.Gate II-51999      34x23x4 cmbronze
20.Gate of the sun2001      72x38x15 cmbronze
21.New Gate2002      170 cm highbronzeMunicipality Wolvega
22.Double portrait2002      23x28x12 cmcast bronze(design)
23.Double portrait2002      32x65x27 cmcast bronze
24.Beach chair2003      25x35x21 cmcast bronze
25.Look at me2003      22x42x8 cmcast iron
26.Fleur de l’église2004      40x21x17 cmcast bronze
27.Joie de vivre2004      29x44x30 cmcast bronze
28.Primavera2004      48x27x12 cmcast bronze
29.Smile2004      13x8x5 cmcast bronze
30.Little head2004      10x13x5 cmcast bronze
31.Mathilde2005      30x31x19 cmbronze
32.Suzanna2005      20x27x18 cmbronze
33.Lily2006      27x20x9 cmbronze
34.Big Pretty Lady2006      180x125x152 cmcortensteel
35.Les Amoureux 22006      119x140x36 cmcortensteel
36.Phantom pain2008      200x265x95 cmmessingColl. Postbank, Amsterdam
37.The monk2008      36x25x11 cmmessing